Last straw of hope in AAP is dead

Manish Sisodia, the name that comes up in all intellectual discussions about AAP. I have heard this so many times

Manish Sisodia represents what AAP really stands for.
Arvind is just the mouthpiece, though he is the party leader, you should look at all the work done by Manish Bhai in Delhi (to understand what AAP can do)”.

The scarcity of good leaders in AAP is well known. To me, this was caused in part with multiple high profile people fleeing the side of Kejriwal post-electoral debut. Since AAP was essentially born from the deep anti-corruption movement, Not many of those leaders could comprehend the all too familiar actions by “politicians in AAP”. After everyone left, and Kejriwal shooting himself to foot every day, people have always looked up to Manish Sisodia with hope.

Little sympathy in my heart for Manish was on similar lines, but off late I have been following the election drama in Punjab, Goa and now in Delhi. He is acting one and the same as any other clean politician from any established parties, Which is

He (Manish Sisodia) will do anything to toe the party line and save the leader.

His reaction to Kejriwal’s defamation case is the final straw in the coffin of any hope for him in AAP. He is like any other politician and AAP is like any other party. There is no hope for him staying any cleaner there. I really feel if he is doing all this for his party, he should leave the maniac in the name of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and join BJP with Narendra Modi. After all, how is AAP any different from any other party anymore. If he joins BJP, there is definitely room for such clean politicians in BJP and he will bring the country to greater heights with all the support and infrastructure of an established party.We do not need so much negativity to do good for people. I quote

Positive thinking is contagious. People around you pick your mental moods and are affected accordingly.

This is what Narendra Modi is doing to India and Indian politics, bringing positivity and leading by example on corruption free governance. Come on Mr. Manish Sisodia, come join the BJP and show the world you are on right side of history. You do not need a maniac like Arvind to govern and kill all positivity out of your work.