What the hell was I doing before

Fifth part of the movie was already released, when I took Harry Potter -1 in hand to read. Before that, I thought; I am not interested in wizarding world and kid’s novels. One day when I was waiting for our car to come from parking basement; I bought first H.P. novel from street vendor for 100 bucks. Thinking, its just 100 rs yaar….lets see why world is so mad after it. And I felt…what the hell was I doing before. Such an idiot of me not to read this. couldn't put the book down.I fell in love with Harry, Hermoine, Ron, their friendship, their brave hearts, sweet love relation between Ron and Hermoine. All the seven parts are great(fourth part I found little too commercial though).But I absolutely love how Hermoine and Ron’s relationship blossoms over time.

While growing up my knowledge of comedy was only ‘Johny Lever’ and ‘Ashok Saraf from Hum Panch’. These two are indeed great comedians of their own styles(their entire body does comedy).Remember, Johny Lever in Bazzigar? — “Anarkali ka phone aaya hai, ice cream khana zaruri hai”…it was hilarious. And entire Andaz Apna Apana…with Yeh Teja Teja kya hai?….And in 90s we had great shows like, Dekh bhai Dekh, Jaban Sambhalke. But in 2000s only Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was iconic.

Recently out of FB sugession videos, I saw AIB video. I watched the entire video. And Again I felt, what the hell was I doing before. why didn’t I watch these things earlier. I watched ‘AIB Honest Engineering Campus part 1 /2 and 3’, ‘AIB Honest Weddings Part 1 and 2’, ‘AIB Honest Diwali’and off course ‘AIB Demonetization Circus’. I watched means, I literally binge watched these. Comedy appeals to you when you can relate to it and still it has light take on it or they can say things sarcastically which you could never say or put well in words. Honest Engineering campus is something I could totally relate to. Honest engineering campus shows a guy showing AV of a company when it comes for placement. It has a line like, “See our cool pool table, jahan 5 minutes se jyada time bitaya to HR se ek mail ata hai”; And I found this hilariously and sarcastically true. (Disclaimer: All these videos have mild cuss words, watch them only if you are fine with it).

Me either busy with house chores or job or kid, had no idea that so much content is available in world of (English) comedy. Some of the Indian comedians who do real cool comedy are Daniel Fernandez, Atul Khatri,Varun Thakoor, Nishant Tanwar (One tip, one hand out). ‘SNG’ and ‘EIC’ are other two groups that do amazing comedy and specially their podcasts are great. Sadly though women comedians are not as appealing. Then I watched Russel Peters and Trevor Noah comedy. Russel peter is amazing but….OMG, Trevor Noah is great.His Take on Great Britain colonization, him doing Indian and British accenting, just great. I hardly watch television now, thanks to good internet speed and quality content available on demand.

GOT (Game of Thrones) is on my list for so long. I am really not sure to start with book or with Episode 1 of season 1(GOT fans can suggest me in comment). Everyone so crazy about it. Need to start though. There is definitely some travel on list like Leh — Ladakh and New Zealand. I feel for sure, I am going to say some more times what the hell was I doing before….