Test your APIs with Insomnia REST client

Insomnia is a beautiful cross-platform application for organizing, running and debugging HTTP requests.


  • Easy for switch between environments with separated variables
  • Ability to reference response values of other requests
  • Generate code snippets to almost any language your want
  • Unlimited installations with Free plan
  • Available for Mac/Windows/Linux App and Google Chrome extension
  • Open source!


Basic Usage

Let’s start with create environments by press cmd + E

Then puts environment variables as JSON data there

After that you can switch between environments to test your APIs

Let’s try simple request by input URL from environment variables

You can reference environment variables by using the Nunjucks template syntax or select one from suggested list

then input parameters and press Send button

Finally! we got the JSON response \o/.

For more usage please see documentation page.

Download now and have fun :).

Artiwarah Damrongchai

Written by

Web Developer (Ruby on Rails, ReactJS) at IWA

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