He does not need to respond to stupid questions.
Steven Balson-Cohen

Actually, not. “Fake news” refers to a report as true of something that did not happen or was not said. “False” means “not true”. The headline reads that he refused to condemn these attacks thrice, which is 100% correct as he did not condemn them three different times. It would be equally correct to say he did not even address them in any way at all twice. The story is about the fact that he did not condemn these attacks and goes into detail of what was said by the various parties; again neither fake nor false. The report of him not condemning these attacks is absolutely correct, he did not do so, which brings us to a solid true/fact/actual news count of three. Deflection by claiming he himself is not an anti-semite, whether true or false, remains merely a deflection and does not, still, address the fact of rising anti-semitism/attacks in the US and what the government is doing about them. Nor does the pretense that hate crimes and hate speech are not enabled and normalized by a public figure stirring up hate against scapegoats, or that the public figure has not behaved in such a fashion that he is seen by the modern na zi/3K/white over all various groups as talking their talk and championing their cause, or that pushing hatred against 2 groups can never result in hatred against any other group. And certainly the pretense that such things just happen in just sequential ebbs and flows and are never in the slightest influenced by anything at all is purely the essence of falsehood.

Bottom line: What is the government doing about the spike in hate speech and hate crimes?

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