Cool your jets Judd, you’re overreacting.
Dan King

Here comes those two questions again. One, why do you keep slamming the President as if he has a bad record instead of a good one, and why don’t you slam the “do-nothing” GOP who deliberately kept Congress from working for 6 years to obstruct the President from accomplishing anything and did it to such an extent that they hurt the country? Two, what exactly will it take for Trump supporters to stop supporting Trump? He has to date done a great many negative things and said a great many negative things, and at this point he is -as we told you he would- setting up to rake in money from his presidency as well as doing it in such a way it’s clear that -rather than doing anything to help the country- was his intention all along. Yet still comments such as “This is GOOD for the country and things will get better now” are still made. So, if you’re not just one of the Russian trolls, what exactly will it take for you to stop supporting him?

I’ve never gotten a real answer to that one, not once this entire year. Nor has a friend who kept asking it at many online sites as well. We have been name called and insulted and seen a lot of deflection, but not one Trump supporter has been able to give us a real, serious answer. can you?