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At Pipedrive, our web app has been able to manage deployments of new changes up to 500 times per week, this sounds pretty unrealistic in the iOS world. With each build requiring app store reviews, Apple pushes towards not only rare, but feature-rich releases.

4 to 5 years ago, when Pipedrive mobile apps were still young, we followed the approach of releasing once a month or sometimes less often. At some point, with Pipedrive gaining momentum and the customer base growing, this system became a blocker for maintaining quality releases, fast iteration, and experimentation. …

I finished one book recently, that I believe is a pretty bad one. It’s a wonder how it’s possible to take such an exciting topic as videogames and turn it into an incredibly flat piece of a book filled with unneeded information and uninspiring stories of dull people making business instead of creators that are the main force behind any kind of progress and innovation.

Though I greatly disliked the book and don’t recommend anyone to spend time reading it, a few thoughts never left my brain while listening to it…

Read full version at https://www.haleck.is/boring-or-bold/

Initially, this meant to be a simple technical post about my path from being just a native iOS developer to learning JS and React(Native). It actually still is. But it’s also about something else, so bear with me even if you have no clue what is iOS, JavaScript or software development in general.

Read full version at https://www.haleck.is/breaking-the-loop/

During my last year’s visit to UIKonf in Berlin as an iOS developer, I couldn’t imagine myself writing this kind of post in just a year, to be honest. The reason of the shift and how it happened is a separate topic that I probably will cover later, but in short, since getting iOS-fatigue and being disappointed by the way Apple operates lately and the state of development for iOS in general, I took a chance to be on of the first members of Pipedrive React Native team. Since then, my interest in JS and React world is constantly growing.

And that’s how I ended up in Prague this year for a ReactiveConf 5th edition.

Read full version at https://www.haleck.is/reactiveconf-2019-conference-review/

This post is also available at my own blog: https://www.haleck.is/if-only-twitter-allowed/

“Life is awesome! Every single bit of it, at this exact moment.

I have an amazing job. I work every day with motivated and talented people, in both a friendly and challenging environment. We create a product that matters and makes difference. We are widely known already and have big future ambitions. I’m challenged at work every day and never get bored. At the same time, I’m able to keep good work/life balance and I can’t remember when I didn’t want to come back to the office the next day.

This post is also available at my own blog: https://www.haleck.is/uikonf-2018-conference-review/

Attending conferences is an important part of being a software developer nowadays. Not only it’s a great way of educating yourself about particular topics, it’s also a chance to establish new connections and meet the community you are part of.

This year I was lucky to attend one of the biggest iOS-related conferences in Europe — UIKonf.


For the 6th year, UIKonf is happening in Berlin. Located in the middle of Europe, it’s an accessible location for anyone.

Berlin itself is a really diverse city, offering any kind of attractions…


This post is also available at my own blog: https://www.haleck.is/how-organizing-meetup-changed-my-life/

For me, it all started in 2014. I entered ASKfm office kitchen and saw him. As usual, staying in the middle of the room, with shining eyes, chatting with someone about some cool stuff I usually didn’t even understand.

As usual, I tried to maneuver between people, just willing to grab some water and go back to my desk, trying not to draw attention and avoiding chitchats — the last thing I desire in my life.

“We need a new quality meetup about software craftsmanship! What do you think?” —…

Settling in

This post is also available at my own blog: https://www.haleck.is/moving-to-estonia-for-introverts-3/

So this is it

In part one and two I have described both mental and physical preparation processes that I went through during my journey to become Pipedrive team member and Estonian resident. It was an interesting time to learn a lot about myself, especially my fears, unexpected addictions to particular people and how to deal with them, and how person’s mind works in general.

This time I want to share a more practical side of the relocation — what you need to do upon the arrival, how to plan your time better, settle…

Physical preparation

This post is also available at my own blog: https://www.haleck.is/moving-to-estonia-for-introverts-2/


In my previous post I wrote about the importance of having a proper way to recharge yourself and stabilize your feelings while going through interview and relocation processes.
That sounded good and quite easy, right?

But here is the fact — as you will accept the offer and dive into preparation tasks, most probably you will go nuts, sooner or later. I have to admit that amount of stress is huge, especially if there was no previous relocation experience. …

Mental preparation and making a decision

This post is also available at my own blog: https://www.haleck.is/moving-to-estonia-for-introverts-1/


My name is Artjoms and I’m an iOS developer at Pipedrive and DevTernity conference organiser. I have moved to Estonia recently and want to share my journey in a series of small posts.

There are already lots of relocation guides about moving to Estonia or any other country out there, which I, of course, used a lot in my relocation process. They usually focus more on practical relocation aspect, which is really nice and useful. …

Artjoms Haleckis

https://www.haleck.is/ — Lead Engineer, iOS/React Native @ Pipedrive — ex-org @ Devternity

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