INSIDE THE LAB: What Sets artlabs Virtual Try-On (VTO) Solution Apart From Others?

2 min readJul 21, 2022

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Hyper-realistic, fast, smooth… This week, let’s take a closer look at our virtual try-on solution that is trusted by the world’s leading retailers and marketplaces.

A majority of online fashion customers struggle to find the best fitting items, contributing to high numbers of returns and reductions in the conversion rates, which costs online retailers around several hundreds of billion per year. Thanks to augmented reality technology, the ability to try before you buy is now a possibility. Virtual Try-On (VTO) technologies enable users to try-on fashion products such as clothes, footwear, and sunglasses utilizing the power of augmented reality (AR). With the developed VTO product at artlabs, the users can try on different items and see how they would look on them during online shopping.

To enable the mass adoption of this game-changing technology, artlabs VTO product is developed using the latest web development tools and technologies. To better understand the use case and technology behind the VTO, let’s take a look at our end-to-end retail experience in the footwear industry: Once a retail store integrates artlabs VTO to its website, anyone with a smartphone or tablet can try on sneakers models on the retail store’s website using a web browser, regardless of the device they use, without downloading any app.

The quality of user experience in VTO technologies depends on two factors: The realism of the image provided to the user and the smoothness of the VTO system. This is usually a trade-off in such systems. Obtaining realistic outputs boils down to using detailed shoe 3D models, accurate detection of feet, computing occluded parts of the shoes correctly, and using precise lighting models, which are computationally demanding. On the other hand, the VTO system should do all the necessary computations fast enough to achieve high frame rates so that the users have a more interactive and smoother experience.

artlabs VTO experience

In the artlabs VTO product, we leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models, computer vision algorithms, and rendering techniques to get the best photorealistic results while achieving high frame rates to provide a nice real-time 3D experience to the users. Today, the VTO product of artlabs increases the conversion rates and is preferred by well-known footwear retail stores and helps their customers during online shopping by enabling them to see how a shoe would fit and look on them.

Author: Çağlar Seylan, Computer Graphics Engineer at artlabs




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