Creative Mindfulness: The Buzzy Brain

My brain has been buzzy lately. I took the month off television and movies. I put myself on a social media cleanse. And, yet, my brain is buzzy. Why? Well, I filled all that time with reading. So much reading. 56 books of reading — not to mention 300 children’s books. Why? Well, I wasn’t going to just sit with my thoughts…

That’s so often the truth of our media consumption. We fill our minds with everything and anything to escape our own thoughts. I am a huge fan of escapism. I sometimes think I could give you directions to Hogwarts; I have imagined the path enough. But, all good things have an inherent fault. Their goodness makes you want to binge. You gorge yourself and then build up a need for more. Think of that moment when you have been binging TV so much that there is nothing left to watch. The absence is heartbreaking. You flip through your service over and over with grumpy/angry/denial thoughts filling your mind. Finally, you shut your laptop, disgusted. And, then you are just there. What can you possibly do now?

Today’s meditation is ideal for that moment when your mind is trying to recalibrate after a high-level of idea consumption. In other words, when you need an idea detox, but you aren’t ready for a full-on creative meditation.

Grab a sheet of paper and some attractive colored pencils, pens, heck, chalk. Any assortment of writing instruments that you like. Before you start, make sure that they all work. Toss anything that is dead. Seriously, toss them. Think of this action as a kind gift to your future, pen-needing self. Then, find a comfortable place to sit. The space doesn’t need to be quiet, but turn off anything that has words and meaning.

Write down a word that you think looks pretty in print & makes you feel good. This term will be your meditation word. Set the timer for 15 minutes. In that time, you will cover this page with that word is as many different scripts as you can. Try not to repeat a font. Spend time thinking about the word you are writing. Think about the way you are writing the word. But, try not to think about other things. If those ideas come into your mind, push them away. You will feel stalled. Push through. Make each one special and different.

At the end of 15 minutes, either turn over the paper or grab a second sheet. Write down how you feel. Are you still feeling “buzzy”? Is your mind full of thought?

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Tech, Games, Inclusion, Museums, Nonprofits, Change, Twitter @artlust Website: