AERIAL SPRAYS: When children died, it changed nothing.

My experience with forest spraying in New Brunswick goes back to the 1950s when DDT was applied in massive doses to our forests. Over the years we all learned how deadly it really was … so it was replaced with something new … and when its deadly impacts were learned, it also was replaced with something new and so on and so on, up to the present.

When, in the 1970s, children started dying from Reyes Syndrome, it was attributed to the current forest spray. At that time, it was my belief that the death of these children would spark a realization that spraying was not the answer to forest management. I was wrong! The powers that be simply moved on to the next miracle chemical.

Today we are learning about the impacts of glyphosate sprays, but it seems unlikely that the warfare described by Russell Hunt will end anytime soon.

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