“Red boat” — the first art memo

There was a particular moment after seeing the Roman Signer exhibition at the Barbican; where the image of the Red Kayak moving around the curved space of the gallery had left such a vivid impression on my little boy that he recalled a beautiful metaphor about it later that evening. I had to jot it down as a memo — which sparked the idea of “Art memos” feeling the need to record, recall and gather these creative thoughts and precious moments.

Conversation with my little boy

“It’s dark mumma”

“Yes, it’s dark outside. It’s night time.”

“Owl out mummy”

“Yes, owl out. And Meg and Mog out”


“And the stars and moon dear”


“Not the moon mummy” (looking out window)

“Yes — the moon, you just can’t see it from here. It’s out there somewhere… 
it moves around.”


“I see boat mummy”

“You see boat?”

“Yes mumma — red boat. Red boat. Moves around”

“Yes!— red boat moves around, like the moon moves around.”


Photos of my boys at Roman Signar:“Slow movement” The Barbican Curve, London