ArtMeta at CV Summit 2022 Recap

3 min readSep 21, 2022


Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack’s ‘Tell-A-Lie-Vision’, 2019 with ArtMeta’s metaverse projected behind it

On September 14th and 15th, as part of TrustSwap’s ecosystem, ArtMeta took center stage at CV Summit 2022 in Zug Switzerland.

Two days full of insightful panels, keynotes, networking and showcases. CV Summit 2022 brought together decentralized thinkers, investors, corporations, startup founders, high-profile individuals, with participating companies like Google Cloud, VISA, Sygnum, Coinbase, and many more.

On Day 1, our Co-Founder and CEO, Roger Haas, spoke on a panel titled ‘The Future is Phygital. NFT’s and Real Assets’, alongside Phygicode’s Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer, Andrea Abrams, as well as LCX’s Founder and CEO, Monty Metzger and CasperLabs’ Managing Director, Joel Curado; moderated by Alex van der Baan, CEO and Co-founder of YOM.

ArtMeta’s Co-Founder and CEO, Roger Haas alongside other industry leaders
To watch the panel video, skip to hour 2.46.45 to 3.17.34 in this link

During these eventful two days, the ArtMeta team led blockchain leaders, investors and enthusiasts through our fine art metaverse experience. The exhibition took place in Zug’s historic Casino building, where on its stage, ArtMeta showcased a physical sculpture by Night Gallery artist Daniel T. Gaitor-Lomack, the NFT counterparts of this piece, as well as the metaverse experience.

ArtMeta’s metaverse experience room at CV Summit 2022

As you walked in through the curtain, the art piece by Gaitor-Lomack titled ‘Tell-A-Lie-Vision’, 2019, was spotlit, center stage on a black podium. Behind the piece was a projection loop of the metaverse. On either side of this dramatic presentation were screens showing ArtMeta’s first NFT releases in partnership with Swappable, as well as two VR stations where you could experience walking around in our metaverse and seeing the future of fine art display.

Summit attendees exploring the metaverse

A new addition to our metaverse was Hannes Schmid’s ‘Cowboy #129’, 2014. VP Bank and Haas & Company brought and showcased the physical artwork on the main floor. When you entered ArtMeta’s stage area, the ‘Cowboy #129’ was displayed in its newly imagined habitat in the metaverse.

Hannes Schmid ‘Cowboy #129’, 2014 — physical and digital

On the way out, guests were encouraged to join our mailing list and participate in a survey of what they experienced. From this we learned what kind of NFTs these participants are interested in in the current market and how important utility is to them.

The majority of participants were most interested in owning metaverse land, while others also indicated high interest in series projects, collectibles and utilities. Least popular for this audience were gaming NFTs. All participants rated the importance of utility between 7–10 on a scale of 10.

This event was a great way for crypto industry leaders to get to know ArtMeta and all of its future potential.

The ArtMeta team

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