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NFT ART DAY ZRH, held as part of the Zurich Art Weekend and preceding Art Basel, successfully took place for its second edition. The event spanned two days, commencing on Saturday, June 10. The conference began with informative sessions and workshops designed to cater to both professionals and newcomers in the field. Participants had the opportunity to gain knowledge about the creation, purchase, and sale of NFTs. The day culminated with the lively NFT ART DAY party at Trustsquare Paradeplatz.

The main conference was hosted on Sunday, June 11, at the newly constructed Chipperfield building of Kunsthaus Zürich. It featured a compelling program consisting of talks and panel discussions that delved into various subjects concerning NFTs. The topics explored included the current state of the NFT art market, insights into significant artistic practices, the impact of rapidly advancing technologies on the art world, examination of active collecting behaviors, and engaging artist talks.

ArtMeta served as the official Art Metaverse partner for this year’s event, showcasing an immersive demonstration with multiple virtual reality (VR) stations. Attendees had the opportunity to personally experience the art metaverse, and a new demo video showcasing a private collection revealed the exciting future prospects and the ability to accomplish the seemingly impossible within this virtual realm.

NFT ART DAY ZRH successfully brought together prominent figures such as thought leaders, experts, artists, curators, and collectors who operate at the intersection of art and technology. Distinguished speakers at this year’s conference included James Bridle, Brian Droitcour, Luba Elliott, Alex Estorick, Sabine Himmelsbach, IX Shells, Dr. Omar Kholeif, Mario Klingemann, Sandra Nedvetskaia, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Operator, Kenny Schachter, Anne Spalter, thefunnyguys (Le Random Collection), and Valerie Whitacre (Tezos).

NFT ART DAY ZRH has established itself as a leading annual conference that explores the convergence of Web3 and contemporary digital art. The event was initiated in 2022 by Katharina de Vaivre, Managing Director of E.A.T. (Engadin Art Talks), and Georg Bak, a digital art advisor and curator. Its mission is to forge new connections between Web3 and art, stimulating discussions on the role and influence of emerging technologies in the art sphere.

The conference aims to highlight crypto art within the broader context of digital art history while fostering connections with the traditional art world. Its focal points encompass art and NFTs, the innovative potential of blockchain technology, the performance of historical digital art, the digital art market, and the various components of this intricate ecosystem.

By featuring notable speakers from both the art and tech realms, the conference serves as a platform for critical conversations, fresh perspectives, and enhanced understanding of the relationship between art and NFTs. We look forward to welcoming you to next year’s edition!

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