If you received a WL token to mint ArtMonkees GEN2 here is what you should know.

The token that you get is the following:


Unknown Token is the name

It should appear in your wallet.

On March 20th 7:45PM UTC you will be able to mint GEN2. Go to refresh when time and mint.

Each Monkee will cost 1.5 SOL + Gas Fee + 1 Unknown Token.



Your NFT is Only as Secure as Your Wallet

Regardless of where you decide to store your non-fungible tokens, there are a few tips you may find helpful for keeping your NFTs as safe as possible during storage.

  • Never give out your 12–24 word seed phrase.
  • Create complex passwords that include phrases, numbers and symbols.
  • Don’t allow anyone access to your login credentials.
  • Store all your passwords and phrases in physical form, locked away safely (not on your computer).
  • Avoid visiting sites which may have malicious intentions (watch for no SSL).
  • Store your longterm digital assets offline completely.
  • Never TRUST DMS
  • Keep Your Holdings Private