Complexion Reduction: A New Trend in Mobile Design
Michael Horton

Thanks for this article. This is a while that I’m monitoring the initial rupture with skewmorphism. It’s true that Metro was part of the revolution, launching Google thru “flat” needs. Followed Apple with this absolute flat and difficult interface trend… It seems that the revolution is now made of evolution. I call it myself revolution/evolution, rebuilding the desert with reasonable signs, and finally underlining the essential, that was strictly banished… Here are again those heavy titles, the shadows of material design, etc…

It’s true that the frontier between ux / ui / webdesign is very thin. It’s also true that design needs to charm people again. We have to fight for diversity. Design is suffering from this fear of being slightly different and thrashed by a self-righteous population, killed by a unique thinking, globalized and paralyzed. This is the hope I put in evolution. No more, no less.

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