The Art of Poker

And Our Unknowing Participation in the Ultimate Gamble….

The Art of Poker: Texas Hold 'Em, Omaha, Five Card Draw……In four years of being a card dealer in the DFW Metroplex, I have seen very many….intriguing things. Needless to say I have also learned much more. People will throw away everything they have (even knowing they will NOT win, best case scenario) just to “make a point", even go all-in in hopes of knocking out a player just to assure it is not a certain person who wins besides themselves. Unfortunately, it took me awhile, a little longer than I like to admit, to come to the realization, that though it is a game, it’s not far from what we experience in our lives from a day-to-day basis. Almost as if we are on auto-pilot, we tend to have certain strategies to survive, to make imperative decisions that set us on this course of action in which we plan to take and make our own. I personally have come to find that if beliefs, people, and emotions are the hands you are dealt, the flop would be the events and incidents. Your option to call is to keep steady with what you are given, until another person makes a choice which will inevitability influence yours, then to bet or raise is to take a risk or a leap of faith on all you have, praying the fates of fortune will smile upon you…but know that when that river card comes out, you either make the best or worst of the situation and let it be a lesson and count it as a blessing. You must know when to hold 'em, and when to fold 'em, because acting on some beliefs, some people, and some emotions are not worth what the river card brings. Trust in yourself, and the intuition within will tell you whether or not that hand is worth wading into the river, and whether or not you will drown in it after you used the energy to go all in. Shall we sink, or swim? Will you have nothing left in the end or will you have it all? Will you have enough to take another round in life? Most importantly, did you enjoy the game regardless of the hand you were dealt, whether or not you played the cards right, or what came up in the flop, who the players turned out to be, where the river left you or where the winnings ended up? Because you only truly lose if you didn’t.

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