A Hero

Lauren Swintek’s teaching session HW assignment

My chosen Hero: Joe Lamb from the film, Super 8

I feel that he belongs in the fulfillment category. He is trying to fulfill his own personal happiness after losing his mother in a tragic incident. He does partially fit in the monomyth mold. He does have a journey to save the monstrous alien. His small ragtag group of filmies are out to take on the world by making a short film on zombies. They somewhat encounter many small fearful incidents. Since this mysterious unknown causes a train to crash, makes a gas station explode, these teenagers are out to find what has caused all of these supernatural incidents. One of his friends, a girl who he has fallen for has been caught by the alien. He figures out how to get her back, and he learns that it is subterranean. He went underground to get her and then he learns about the alien itself. That it has feelings too, and then he makes a mission to save the alien by empowering the space ship. The alien eventually goes home and gives Joe the gift of happiness and pride.

I chose Joe, because most of the films that people know of are popular culture films. I wanted to choose some character from an indie, or not so popular film. That is why I chose one of my favorite films, Super 8. He is one of my favorites, since he is featured in the beautifully made films, and was one of my favorite characters.

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