Maybe if I melt into the ground my embarrasment will lessen just enough to let me breathe.

Yes, you kiss beautifully, your kisses were indescibably blissful and I would give so much to be able to lose myself in your kiss just once more… Oh no, I’m so in love with you.
Your kisses made my days happy, your kisses made flowers bloom in my heart and sunsets glow with colors. Your lips on mine was the answer to any problem, your lips on mine could change everything.
That, after all, is how we met first, lips on lips. We got to know each other in the wrong order, but your kisses were a constant that I now miss terribly much.
I could write years and years of poetry out of the memories of your kisses, every single one a different beautiful experience, another piece of our relationship that now will be no more.
Short kisses, lips barely touching, nose kisses, butterfly kisses, hard kisses, passionate kisses, lips frantically trying to find the truth of the other, kisses in the rain, hard kisses, one-more-kiss-and-i’ll-go kisses.

And yet, I don’t remember which kiss was our last. We didn’t know it would be.