Luxury is a State of Mind

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Mar 4, 2018 · 3 min read

The late, great L’Wren Scott said that “Luxury is a state of mind.” When I think of these words, I take them as her meaning that when you pull yourself from anticipating the potential wrongs of the future and free yourself from the regrets of the past, you can live in the luxurious moment. I find myself trying to figure out personal luxury in everything I do from cultivating sacred space to holding myself accountable when I’m in unfamiliar territory. The process of cultivating luxury isn’t easy — especially when you have social or physical stressors that take their tolls day by day — but it is a rewarding practice, and a high vibing endeavor. As you read and resonate, recommend this story to someone you think can benefit from learning to create their own sense of luxury.

Luxury is Self-Determined

And I don’t mean trick yourself into thinking the dog crap you stepped in isn’t dog crap, but not letting it put you in a bad state of mind as you look for solutions.

It’s nice when things in the world go the way we want them to: The team we wanted won, it didn’t rain the day you planned the picnic, the boutique still had that shirt you wanted in your size when you returned to get it the next day. Things don’t go our way all the time, but our sense of luxury doesn’t have to suffer.

Along a similar vein, you can have an amazing party, tons of gifts and a brand new top of the line car and still be an miserable and unhappy. Case in point: Everyone on My Super Sweet 16.

As long as you can accept things as they happen, hope for and work toward better things, and graciously maintain yourself, you can keep your luxury.

Luxury is Imperfect

When you play the game of luxury, you play on a foundation that isn’t always obvious: Things are what you make them.

That timepiece that you won’t call a “watch” because of the brand you got it from, at the end of the day, is still just an instrument to tell time–no matter how many karats are in it. You value it–whether you bought it yourself or got it as a gift–because of what it means.

Personally, my most luxurious piece of lounge apparel is a ragged self-cut blue-and-white striped tee that I can’t wait to slip into after a day out and about. It was the first shirt I bought after getting myself debt-free in Brazil and before having my first New Year on my own abroad. When I wear it, I’m not thinking about all that on the surface, but I do feel free and like I’m on an adventure. I feel a bit more inspired to write, a bit more receptive to new ideas.

L’wren’s thought on luxury is spot on and perfect for Sundayers because it dives right into the true meaning without all the window dressing. It pushes away the notion that luxury is reserved for the well-off, or people that just want to lord having a high-priced product over others. True luxury is about tapping into your empowered self being at peace with that.

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