Best Front Load Washers Reviews — Why Front Loaders are Better

If you have been looking for a new washing machine, then you may have been wondering what the difference is between a front loader and top loader, apart from the obvious difference, of course.

While top load washers are still very popular, front load washers do have some important advantages over top loaders. Here are the main reasons why you should be checking out the front load washer reviews and giving the top loaders a miss.

They clean clothes better

The first reason that you should be reading the best front load washers reviews is that front loaders have been proven in tests, time and time again, to wash clothes much better than top loaders do. Front loading washing machines clean clothes better, because of the tumbling motion of the clothes. This lets gravity do a lot of the work and it makes the clothes knock together more, which is what scrubs them clean.

The use less water

When you wash clothes in a front loader washer, the clothes are dragged through a small pool of water at the bottom of the drum and that means that a lot less water is used in a wash cycle than would be needed in a top a loading washing machine. If you look at the reviews of front load washers, you will find that, on average, they use about five gallons of water less per wash than a top load washer. For the average household, that works out about 2,000 gallons of water saved a year.

They use less energy

Front load washers are more economical than top load washers. The actual wash cycle uses less electricity in a front loader, but the real saving will come with the drying. Because front loaders use less water, they need less energy to heat up the water. They also usually run at much faster spin speed than top loaders, so your clothes won’t need as much drying after they have been washed in a front load washing machine.

You can save floor space

You will also often see in best front load washer reviews a dryer stacked on top of a washer, which is something that you can’t do with a top loading washer. That can save you space and it makes transferring the washing from the washer to the dryer easier too. You will need to make sure that the washer and dryer will fit neatly on top of one another to do this and then you can buy brackets that will secure the washer and the dryer safely together.

Best Front Load Washers Reviews

If you are looking for a new washing machine, the large number of different manufacturers and models can make choosing the best front load washer quite tricky. They can also vary quite a lot in price too. One of the best ways to compare front loading washing machines is to look at comparison and review websites. For more information on how to choose the best washing machine for your home, here’s a website with some very useful best front load washers reviews.