What Is the Difference Between Hi Rise Camera and Sport Scope End Zone Camera?

There are a number of different manufacturers of end zone cameras on the market, so working out which would be the best endzone camera for a team can be a bit tricky. Most manufacturers say that their endzone video systems are compatible with Hudle and many do seem to have very similar specs.

If you are looking to buy an endzone camera tower system, you might need to look beyond the simple facts of how high the camera tower is, or the number of legs it has, and look more at the design features, the customer service and, of course, the price. To help you select the best endzone camera system, here are some of the differences between two of the leading endzone camera suppliers; Hi Rise Camera and Sport Scope End Zone Cameras.

Technological innovation

One important differentiator between different makes of endzone camera systems is how innovation has been used to improve a camera tower, and how it has been used without over-complicating what should be a relatively straightforward piece of equipment. Good examples of this would be the use of modern materials, such as carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum that Hi Rise has used in the manufacture of their camera towers, along with simple, but extremely effective, design features, such as the Hi Rise camera easy Easy-Spin base, which allows the camera pole to be rotated easily.

Ease of use and ease of maintenance

As a relatively new company, Hi Rise Camera could have really gone to town with gizmos and gadgets, but instead, they have avoided unnecessary electronic gimmicks and kept the design of their endzone camera efficient and relatively simple. While companies like Sport Scope End Zone Camera make big thing of their joystick operated electronic pan and tilt, Hi Rise Camera has concentrated on improving on the tried and trusted manual system for panning and tilting, because that keeps the price of the product down, it makes the unit easier to operate, and there are no expensive parts that will inevitably need replacing at some point in the future.

The little details that count

When you are comparing endzone cameras like Hi Rise Camera and Sport Scope End Zone Camera you should look at the finer details, especially what is, and what is not included in the package. For stability and for safety reasons, for example, Hi Rise Camera endzone systems include both spiral and straight stakes for securing the camera tower to the ground, whereas many other manufacturers rely on sand bags, or just the sheer weight of the tower, to stop the whole thing toppling over.


Another, slightly misleading, statistic that many suppliers of endzone camera towers often quote is the weight of the tower. While having a weight of around 50lbs or less is important, you are not going to be taking your endzone camera system on a cross-country hike with you, so what is more important, is how neatly the unit can be packed away. The Hi Rise Camera tower system will fit in an average four door saloon car, so you won’t need to rent a larger vehicle to transport it.

Customer Service

In these days of automated services, recorded messages, and call centers, it’s also nice to find that there are still some companies, like Hi Rise Camera, that place a high value on good, old fashioned customer service. Hi Rise Camera will even provide you with support while you are at an event to help you with any setup issues that you may have.


Last but definitely not least, when you are comparing the price of endzone camera systems, make sure you are comparing like for like. Hi Rise Camera endzone camera systems are significantly cheaper than most other systems, including Sport Scope End Zone Camera systems and, in many cases, you will be getting a lot more for your money too. For more details of what is included in the Hi Rise Camera endzone camera and tower system, visit: www.hirisecamera.com today and find out why many people are calling Hi Rise Camera the best endzone camera system on the market today.