When is the WORST time for a meeting?

When is the best day of the week to conduct an office meeting? Well, Monday and Friday are typically the least effective days to hold an important meeting. Many employees use their personal or vacation days to have an extended three-day weekend. Therefore, you may find that essential employees are not there every Monday or Friday. Also, employees are typically still in “weekend mode” on Mondays. On Friday, they are likely to be rushing through the day in anticipation for two days off. Holidays on Mondays may also affect meeting availability.

Therefore, for productivity and participation reasons, it is generally better to conduct meetings on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. So how do you find a specific day and time in which all employees can be available? In a recent study it was found that a majority of their respondents accepted Tuesday at 3PM meeting times. Early morning meetings should be avoided as you will find a number of employees are still sleepy. Also, meetings at the start of the day mean that the employee must prepare for it the previous day or arrive early. In late afternoon meetings, employees may simply watch the clock and think about the end of the day. If your meeting’s goal is to create enthusiasm about a particular product or service, chances are the enthusiasm will wear off as the employee heads directly home.

Mealtimes can also directly affect a meeting. Employees are likely sluggish directly after eating. By 3PM, their pre-lunch energy level has resumed. Also, if you decide to conduct a meeting during a mealtime, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or supper, you may consider providing food. Many employees find it productive to eat and still work at the same time. If you do not provide an entire meal, you may consider offering hot coffee or small refreshments.

Many businesses have found that a mid-morning meeting is very effective as employees have had time to settle in, are more alert, and have not dealt with numerous tasks yet. Enthusiasm will remain throughout the day.

Time is a very important factor in any business decision. The best time to conduct a certain task may depend on your business and employees. The key is to take the time to find what works best for your employees.

Happy meeting!

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