How to deal with REAL PERSON?

Human Factor in Branding and Marketing for your Consumer.

Why am I writing this?

Internet masses are concentrated on selling tactics, marketing channels, actually on already existing paths for generating clients.Here comes a problem why most of them will crush soon:

As one person said:

“Young generation knows social media but don’t know people, old generation knows people but don’t know social”.

Brilliant marketer/businessman/consultant/owner knows his Sweet Spot.


I had a client meeting yesterday where initial reason was about social media promotion. But after a long conversation we both came to a conclusion of conducting a big meeting (networking & celebration) instead of investing in particular additional social tools right now. Why? Because I’m as a Brand strategist observe what is better move now for the business and see what consumers are expecting. Spraying money into social promo is easy. Being one on one is harder and takes enormous efforts. But both are essential in today’s economy.

Width & Depth = Wealth.

Talking about right moves, the main question CEOs are asking me is “What is the right direction to go now in marketing?”. My contra-question is: who is your target audience?

In 90% they are telling me they know for sure. By the end of the meeting we find the truth and real focus. “Wow I though I knew my audience!” They come out of room full of revelation about who are their consumers and as it turned out need to correct marketing spending”. It happens not only with small businesses, but believe me with big ones too!

People don’t know people. People don’t research and study people. They don’t want to. They want sales, quick, right now! GIMME MORE!


Observing human behavior is the most interesting thing, moreover is the only thing you need for highly successful business. I’m learning, we’re all in process.

“Behavior is individual’s or group’s response, act, manners to certain stimuli, inputs.”

Going to initial roots… .

Brand’s responses directly affect on our endocrine and nervous systems.

To refresh your bio knowledge:

“ The nervous system is the part of an animal’s body that coordinates its voluntary and involuntary actions and transmits signals to and from different parts of its body”. (Wikipedia)

How to observe people’s behavior? Let’s look at Consumer and types of brand’s stimuli:

  • Coca-Cola: let’s celebrate, let’s quench thirst.

Consumer’s response: Coke makes me HAPPY, I’m RELAXED, makes me EXCITING.

  • Gerber: let’s care about your child together.

Consumer’s response: I feel more confident knowing what my child is eating, I’m happy because Gerber cookies don’t crush.

  • Victoria’s Secret: let’s unleash your sexuality together

Consumer’s response: I’m feeling HOT, sexy. My man feels arousing.

Several puzzles in human behavior

1. Feelings

2. Motivations

3. Sexual factor

4. Emotions

5. Instincts

6. Emergency factors

It is unreal today to trace every motion and reason. But as business strategists we can observe some parts by simple questions to consumer or observing him from the side:


Try to find out:

1. What he saw first in soda section? (you can use eye-tracking systems)

2. What products he touched before?

3. Where was his sight on shelves? (you can use eye-tracking systems)

4. What was in his basket except soda?

5. What was total average price of that basket of foods?

6. How often is he buying soda in this store?

7. When is the most consumption? (try to find is it seasonal? Only holidays for celebration? Only during lunch time? Mostly on Tuesday after 6 pm when tickets to cinema are half price? Etc)

8. Is he buying alone or with somebody? (Try to find if he has kids? Or mostly single?)

9. What is other product that he is usually buying in parallel with soda? (try to find if there is any such product, think about it — what associations, connections you have?) (ex: Coke + whiskey, Coke + burger)

10. Did he buy it mostly in store? In gas station? In cinema? What is the reason for the most consumption???

11. In social media you see posts of your consumer with soda. What is his driving motivation to post it? What emotions he has and want his friends to have?

Through comments observe answers. There can be:

“you are so COOL!”

“ya AUTHENTIC bro”

“looks so HAPPY”

“you are ALWAYS ON”

“hey, your posts MOTIVATE me”

“NATURAL as always”

“mmm YUMMY”

“black leather jacket + bottle=HOT”

Sure, these are very rough examples but you can FEEL what others FEEL about your person in connection with your soda.

All examples are approximate, and serve as a starting point. So you better start thinking and understand your current audience and Wish groups. During recession time it is the best move for ANY business.

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Art Polina is Brand Sculptor, marketing strategist. Founder of SCULPTOS consulting agency in Los Angeles. Former Coca-Cola and Nestle Brand/Marketing Specialist.

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