• We not feel like it

Move your feet faster than your brain can think. So sometimes we need to take some kind of action even when we not feel like it. Often in life we getting stuck in situations where we not certain about our decisions or which path we should take. But as I can say from my experience and observing others some time this kind of “solution” does not come on his own, so often were just need to keep going forward and expect the best and if consequences are not satisfying for us we can just turn back and with more knowledge make better problem solving strategies.

Environment often does not support our path and sometimes even blocking it from it, but it’s our responsibility to see and change it. We can change situation by changing environment or attitude (people, city or even friends we hang out with “when belief changes friends must go along with them, in other case we can’t call them friends anymore”) So I think other point would be “our thoughts can influence actions and our actions can influence our thoughts” So whenever you’re not feel like it just do the thing, just pretend to like it till you even start feeling that. Fake it till you make it they sometimes say. Mastering yourself is the key of success, happiness and everything and it’s one of the main tools in mans toolbox.