Part 1: Diagnosis

Illustrations by Line Bach Poulsen

Bhutan is a small and often-overlooked Central Asian nation that sits at the base of the Himalayas, just next to Nepal. As a people they are insular, peaceful and intensely protective of both their natural habitat and citizens’ wellbeing, to the point that in 1972, while being interviewed, their then-king famously declared that “Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product.”

More than 30 years later in 2008, Bhutan cemented that delicious remark into their constitution, with the decree that all governmental decision-making should weigh economic factors alongside the collective happiness and wellbeing of its…

A call to arms for bold, utopian social dreaming.

Illustrations by Line Bach Poulsen

Science fictions are often taken for pure fantasy; strange simulations and parallel universes created for our entertainment, only remotely connected to reality. We make and enjoy them for enjoyment’s sake, and they work well. But sci-fi doesn’t only fantasise with the unreal. Throughout the years, science fiction writers have also been building their imaginary worlds as provocative tools to speculate on new ways of living and existing in this world. …

A Fascination from our archive, originally posted June 2019 in our ArtRebels Monthly.

Illustration: The Outline

A few weeks ago Uber went public and raised about $10bn in what was confusingly, at the same time, both one of the tenth-highest-earning and subjectively-worst-performing public offerings in history.

While we don’t really understand the particulars of that financial paradox, it does seem to reflect a lot of the disparity and discord that’s surrounded the so-called ‘sharing’ (or gig, or on-demand) economy lately.

So, we wonder: has this movement that was once so liberating lost touch with its original spirit and namesake? Is it still truly…

This story originally appeared in the Fascination section of our ArtRebels Monthly newsletter. Click here to have them delivered directly to you each month.

We fly too much. If the global aviation industry was a country, it would be one of the top ten emitters of CO₂ — and frankly, we couldn’t really deny being active citizens of that nation. Aviation emissions have risen by 70% since 2005, and as baby boomers retire, business becomes increasingly global and the world’s middle class grows, Airbus expects that there’ll need to be around 35,000 new planes built in the next two decades…


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