Nail It

As I sit here looking down at my chewed up nails and think I really must go get my nails done. Part of me has held off. Business partly, and concerns of toxins… have kept me away from the nail salon. You would think being grown up, I would no longer bite my nails. The great majority of my past twenty years have been spent with fake nails. They look so pretty when they first get installed. I am always amazed at what a difference having these fake nails makes. I don’t bite them. But as soon as they come off, I cannot stand the sharp feeling of my regular nails which do grow out a bit while under cover. I am not sure what triggers a nail biting session, some people tell me it is nerves and others say it is insecurity. I am not really nervous or insecure… but I can say this about that. When I see an adult women with bitten fingernails like mine sometimes are; I wonder what went wrong.

In the books and magazines articles where they write business information about professional appearance, business attire and the like, they always say keep your nails trimmed and clean, especially before an interview. People do look at your nails. I am a painter. I paint to live music and am in public. Being a painter, my nails get dirty, of course. Okay, that’s it, going to take a shower and go to the nail salon. My mitrochondria will just have to deal with it.