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Like you, I get lost in the Unsplash photos.

The weekly email is a punctual siren song, pulling me into a world apart. I put the other distractions aside and immediately indulge. Their beauty beckons.

The allure: a world of Adventure. The colors and contrasts and hues and horizons all showcase the common mystery — the common contradiction really — of the known and the unknown. The things explored and things still to be explored.

These precious images call to our spirit of Adventure; the core of who we are, who should be, and who we most desire to be. The images jar our beliefs and poke our dormant Inspiration. They demand that we reconsider what we are doing right now. Right now! Is it the right move, the right path, the right passion?

And when we imbibe this spirit of Adventure, this is when Inspiration is unlocked. It is no longer an illusive nymph, but instead a traveling companion. No longer just beyond reach, but instead a handshake.

We toss the shackles of our screens and exit our friendly confines to eyeball the world with 1 billion x 1 billion pixels. We know it is now possible — having seen it — and now we seek it for ourselves. Our version will be different, it is always different. That is the beauty, the magic.

Knowing that others — others just like us — have made these images is Inspiration. They share our journey, our footsteps, our joie de vivre. They have looked long and hard

And to honor them, we too must move forward, taking the Muse and doing what we do: dance, write, laugh, draw, sing, carve, design, frolic, make, paint, craft, bake, shoot, dream, drive, plan, build, rebuild.

Our Adventures give us permission to know our Inspiration. Our Inspiration gives us permission to know our Adventures. We look the challenge in the eye, and we won’t be the first to blink.

Here is to the Adventure!

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