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Communities are defined by their resilience, their imagination, their ideas and arts. Arts & Ideas is a medium for community resilience— from person to planet.

Hello World

David Weinberger is a senior researcher at the Berkman Center and “writes on the effect of technology on ideas.” He has several interesting books. Too Big to Know is one. I like it…

Language, Randomness & Independence

July 4, Almanac for Post Moderns

Language misuses nature. This isn’t true just of extortionists: “mountain tops must be…

May 22, Sex Cloud

Almanac for Post Moderns

Again, interior becomes exterior.

This morning, my wife moved indoor plants out — house plants are now…

May 21, Stink Lily

Almanac for Post Moderns

Peattie’s Almanac foreshadows much of our more northern Nature. His “preface” of the unfolding around us allows me to…

Publications edited by Arts and Ideas

One person’s daily notes to beings and things. It draws inspiration from Donald Culross Peattie’s, Almanac for Moderns. (Photo by Ingrid Taylar.)

What ‘medium’ determines our connectedness now that everything and everyone is?

May 20, Nightjar

Almanac for Post Moderns

A Whippoorwill sang at 10pm last night. When I went out to listen, the clear ‘whip-poor-will’ had passed. The only sound was a…

May 19, Plan and Outcome

Almanac for Post Moderns

What’s the room for chance in day? And, what is crowded out by our social engineering? If in seeing things I move…

May 17, Partners

Almanac for Post Moderns

Ladyslippers. How articulate, elegant, even erotic a partner. Articulate in they ‘speak’ so clearly of an interconnected…

May 15, Mating Call

Almanac for Post Moderns

Unexpectedly beautiful day today. I wake at 5:45, and my wife is already outside watering, coffee in her free hand.

May 14, Between Sun & Moon

Almanac for Post Moderns

I spend my life these days offering myself to nature. Seems to respond most as I step willing into our field under…

May 13, Ruby

Almanac for Post Moderns

You can follow migrating hummingbirds on a map. A wonderful crowdsourcing — and the red dots and tiny dates are appropriate for…