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Clinton lost the election because, as a human being she is one horrible representation of a good person. She is now and has always been deeply embroiled in far too many scandals, stole the election via manipulation from a very honorable man, who would have won the election HANDS DOWN! The unbridled, tears evoking support of Clinton only goes to show that you either voted for her because you are a bigot and blindly vote for people based on either race or gender or you supported her because you oblivious to the world around you. Far too many of you were willing to forgive Clinton’s damned emails, her manipulations via support of the media to harm a Sanders’ campaign and the distrust of Clinton goes way back to the 1980’s. Far too many immediately turned off the television, put down the newspapers and ignored what was being reported around the world about the Clintons. How anyone could continue to support her and the DNC after truthful correspondences emerged thanks to wiki-leaks came out is astounding. I am not sure how in the world so many people were fooled, or plain out ignorant but, they were. Now we have Trump. Rather than looking at Trump supporters as racists, or sexist, how about you pull your head out of the Clinton feces pile and actually listen to what people are saying…they voted against a criminal! They voted against an ill individual. They voted against the constant bullying from the (as represented in this blathering, I mean blog) very profane. All the Washington insiders have known the truth about Clinton going back to the days that Bill left the White House. We dodged a bullet. Now maybe progressives can take 4 years to dismantle the machine, regroup and deliver a candidate that is for all the people, oh and one that is trusted by the majority of the people. Hillary would never have been elected based on one simple truth: the vast majority of Americans do NOT trust her and NEVER have.