Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Nothing like racist banter housed in “logical speak.” Stereotyping an entire group of people is racism and bigotry. Are you willing to refer to yourself as such so that a two sided discourse can ensue? There is hyperbole in a great deal of your commentary and lacks a balanced discourse. The evil white race all out to get everyone that isn’t white? With that logic there would be no poor pale skinned people anywhere, especially in the US. As far as the many things you refer to here; it isn’t as much a race issue as a power issue. Power and oppression is not a white attribute. Go to places in the world where the majority are brown and they will discuss the class issue, bigotry and racism in a different way. I can always tell when someone has a belief that the only place in the world that has class issues is the United States of America because it is merely a hyperbolic, hate-filled rant. But, what do I know I am just an ignorant white woman.