Zanna Field Draws Animals With Distinctive Personalities Out Of Abstract Patterns

I use my art to question the relation between human beings and animals. Humans feel an intense connection to animals, both in the deep bonds we can develop with specific animals and through their symbolic and mythological importance in human cultures.

Ursa Major & Minor

However, animals are in some ways utterly alien to us. They don’t think exactly the way we do, and projecting human thoughts and feelings onto them risks fundamental misunderstanding and a lack of true connection. There’s something important and magical about trying to understand a being whose experience of the world is completely different from our own.

Norse Wolf

By drawing animals with distinctive personalities that seem to speak to us, but breaking their forms up into abstract patterns, my work explores the tension between the deep kinship we share with animals, and the sense of awe and wonder we feel from their difference.

Celtic Raven

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