I was recently asked what makes a story come alive. My short answer to this was that a story comes alive when the words on the page not only propel the story along but also create imagery that allows the reader to experience the story both intellectually and emotionally. When a reader identifies with the characters and feels what the characters feel, that’s when the magic happens.

But the question started me thinking. When most of us think of “story”, we think of being entertained. …

Part Two: Adventure Plus Independence — How Could I Have Gone Any Other Way!

Photo by Brent Cox on Unsplash

In Part One of this story I told you that I love change. That I love the fact that I never know what’s around the next corner. At the end of Part One, I had just driven off in my SUV to parts unknown.

Driving across the United States so much of what I saw touched my soul. I saw beauty, but I also saw ugliness. I saw riches and I saw poverty. Travel through the states, off the interstates, and you see the best and…

Part One — Art Really Is A Jealous Mistress

I love change. I love the fact that I never know what’s around the corner. That each decision I make will change my life in some way.

I changed jobs a lot. I was, among other things, a file clerk, a switchboard operator, a cocktail waitress, a shop clerk, an office manager, a yacht manager (a story for another time), an administrative assistant, and a receptionist.

When it was time to settle on a career, I went to law school and became an attorney. My life as an attorney was not…

Photo by Martino Pietropoli on Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up refreshed and ready to start a new day. But as I walked toward the kitchen to make a pot of coffee, a sudden sensation, that I can only describe as a pressure or a heaviness, exploded in my chest making it hard to breathe. My mouth started quivering and tears ran down my cheeks. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not a crier. So this scared me. What was going on? The thought that I might be having a heart attack or a stroke flitted across my mind. I…

Christine Roney

Christine tells stories in stone and in words. She's a sculptor and a novelist. https://roneywrites.com

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