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Signage by Mia Warner Artwork by Mark McClure Art: Wood Street Walls

Outdoor Art Gallery #artforall

The streets of East London where I live are just overflowing with the creative work of street artists, and even more fortunate to have the works of the Wood Street Wall artists at my doorstep in Walthamstow. My daughter loves going on little artspeditions as we discuss all that we see.

My last GP visit had the doctor tell me that my 3 year old daughter is very lively, not sure what the underlying message is…..but whatever the case, the best course of action for us is to just keep moving!

Some suggestions on how to keep the kids moving during their Artventures:-

  1. Get the kids on that scooter or bike, as well as walking/ running

Make your own path such as a day out meandering, riding a scooter or bike, a hop skip and a jump away to the next artwork, with an abundance of parks along the way, awaiting the perfect picnic or play, dependent on weather.

Otherwise, get started with a map by Wood Street Walls as another option!

Hunto mural on Elmfield Rd

2. Give the kids a camera

Kids (aged 4–9 years) from The Mill’s E17 Thursday afternoon Junior Art Club took a journey along Coppermill Lane E17 from the market to the marshes. Exhibition is on until 28th Jan 2017.

Photography by kid’s art project ‘From the Market to the Marshes’ at The Mill E17.

2. Waltham Forest Cycling

They have regular rides for families and would be sure to pass a few artworks along the way! Check out the Art Catcher!

You think you’ve seen them all, then pops up another one, you’ve either been in a daze all this time with eyes glazed over from lack of sleep, and so existed all along, or another one just completed. Yay! Latest one on Wood Street by Static.

Static: Wood Street

Wood Street Walls was set up by Mark Clack with fellow founding artists Tom Jackson, Craig Evans and Matt DuFour with the aim of creating beautiful and accessible public art for the enjoyment of the community, provide free monthly workshops for local groups and establish a new affordable creative hub for Waltham Forest & it’s artists through the creation of Wood Street Studios. #giveartistsspace

Wood Street Walls will put The Manual Instruction Centre back into use as a community hub & workspace in response to the acute shortage of artist studios in Waltham Forest & overall in London. They are wanting to hear from you how they can make the space work for sole traders, small businesses, local artisans, makers and residents.

London has so much to offer in street art, and if ever in the South East, check out the LiveArt.MakeArt.Live blog.


London Art Calendar will also keep you up to date with the latest fab murals about such as in Shoreditch.

London Art Calendar for the latest Street Art: Marie Lou

Looking for a life more ARTventurous each and every day in E17 and it’s surrounds? You’ll find us on:-

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Mum, art enthusiast, artventurous. East London

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Mum, art enthusiast, artventurous. East London

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