Stu Hamm — The Diary of Patrick Xavier

Today, I am proud to announce the completion of Stuart Hamm’s new solo electric bass album!

Having been a fan for 30 years, it’s an honor to find myself producing a fourth album with him. After Live Stu x 2, Just Outside of Normal, and The Book of Lies, I couldn’t imagine the innovation and genius waiting in these ten new songs.

Stu’s secret: he practices more than anyone I’ve ever met, several hours every single day. He can carry on complex converstions about music, math, politics, and life’s lessons, all while running meticulous scales and patterns, and so tight to a metronome it disappears. He has that precious gift of loving to practice. A lifetime of enjoying that gift has brought his chops to inhuman levels of grace, strength, and feel.

I’m not gushing, so much as trying to explain what sounds are in store on this newest album, The Diary of Patrick Xavier. The title, by the way, comes from a travel diary Stu found in Italy, in one of thousands of hotel rooms that have been his home on the road. The music is beautiful, occasionally impossibly so. Influences from Bach to Glass can be felt in songs that seem as though they were written 100’s of years ago to 100’s of years from now.

Here he has again added to the cannon of music that all bassists must learn. Yet the arrangements are so natural, it is easy to forget that all the sounds and harmonies are created on electric bass. This really is an album you can play and enjoy for the solid, useful music it contains.

Since I am the only other person to have heard any of it so far, I feel qualified in these remarks. Also, I’d like to use this opportunity to thank Stu for his superb example to all indie musicians. He reminds us well that “independent” is “not dependent”. He is his own manager, label, roadie, and person. It’s not easy, profitable, or sane, but it is 100% him.

Speaking of indie, Stu has opened several amazing, unique opportunities to fans and listeners. Always pushing the bleeding edge of technology, politics, religion, and connection, there is an indiegogo campaign running for the next 30 days offering some perks you will not find many other artists offering. Get in the credits! Tour manage a show!! Take some lessons, or have Stu play on your album!!!

Here’s a personal invitation to help Stu continue to lead the world by example, get the credit you deserve, and prepare yourself for yet another ground-breaking collection of heartfelt music forged directly from the genius and steel of this living legend:

Check out "Stu Hamm NEW Solo Bass CD and Tour, " on Indiegogo:

So when he comes to your town, please tell him James sent you. Thanks!!

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