An Art Inspired Mother Earth Day


Art by Manasvini Sn, India

Mother Earth breathes life all around us and she gives us her all, like a mother would. Resilient, mysterious and formidable, she surrounds us with beauty that is full of grace and contrasts.

This April, ArtsPositive through #DrawForACause celebrates International Mother Earth Day and we asked artists to express their perspective on what this day meant to them.

The results were extraordinary and inspiring. These artists came from different parts of the world to voice their admiration for Mother Earth using their remarkable talent to illustrate some outstanding artworks.

Art by Nicolette Yates, USA

From acrylic, watercolours, inks to digital art, we loved the different styles and techniques artists used to convey their message. Here are some in their own words…

“Mother Earth Day is about honouring the strength and resilient consciousness of this planet as well as all the mothers on this earth.” — Jacqueline Wild, UK

“Earth to me is like a heart, and our forests the tributaries that feed the heart with blood and oxygen it needs to thrive and survive.” — Shu Yin Chan, Singapore

“Mother Earth gives us all we need to survive and thrive. She beckons us to come play — tempting rich colors, vast array of textures, sensual, soothing waters. She feeds and heals us. She is our every breath.” — Betsy Christie, USA

“Mother Earth Day means a celebration of creation and beauty.” — Elaine Vitikainen, Finland

“Mother Earth Day is the day we celebrate life. The abundant air we breathe, the food we eat, the ground we step on. This is the day we appreciate our ultimate source of life as a whole. Our fountain of life.” — Emily Baliki, South Africa

We want to thank each and every artist who contributed to #DrawForACause and helped spread a message about our incredible planet. No matter where we are from, our message is the same. Let’s give back the love our planet gives us, its the only home we’ve got.

Art by Supriya Sahoo, India

Writer Farah Sayyed for ArtsPositive