Art of Poetry

…Won’t you join me in my meadow?
Let’s delight in all we see.
And frolic in the sunshine,
As our love grows by degrees!
-Robert Edgar Burns

How captivating it would be to have an illustrated artwork of the meadows as you get enchanted by the crystal-clear imagination, which the illustration gives you as you wander with the words?

Be it a couplet, sextet or sonnet, the light of illustration can elevate the lines of poetry, making it shine brighter and often creating a deeper connection with readers.

ArtsPositive believes that art is the language of the soul so we recently spoke to two artists who have the personal experience of skilfully marinating the art of illustrations with the art of poetry.

Gyaneshwari Dave based in the United States, is the founder of the creative brand Pinecone Dream, which is her attempt to share with the world the beauty and wisdom she sees in nature.

Talking about the inspiration behind illustrating her book of poetry “A Word With Wilderness” she says, “These poems and my nature photographs that I brought back with every trip to national parks and forests in the United States, are the source of my inspiration and visual reference for my illustrations”.

“A Word With Wilderness

She wanted the ecstatic lightness inside her poems to come out in the form of an added, delightful, visual dimension so that readers not just read but could see the poems too. However, she did not want the illustrations to overpower her verses so she drew them in black and white with a hint of sage green.

When asked, what does art mean to her, she said, “Art is a liberating, spiritual experience in whose presence pessimism annihilates, and the joy of creating something beautiful connects to the very soul of the universe!

Artist Gyaneshwari Dave

Our other artist is Kris Kang from Dubai. Kris works as an art director for an advertising agency during the day and loves to paint under the blanket of the night sky. A nature lover, Kris, regularly visits art galleries and parks, where he usually gets the inspirations for his art.

When Kris was asked to illustrate “& Until The Dreams Come” written by Danabelle Gutierrez, his mind just overflowed with visual narratives. “Danabelle’s specific and intricate style of writing complemented my visual style. Some of her lines were pertaining to nature and underwater life, which became my inspiration for the illustrations”. He found black and white images more impactful when he was illustrating Danabelle’s words.

“& Until The Dreams Come”

Kris loves creating surreal paintings, exploring the human figure and breaking some parts — turning them into things that are not expected. Watercolour is his favourite because of how personal the colours appear on paper.

Art to me is an extension of your soul, and your sweet escape from reality”, Kris reflects.

Artist Kris Kang (Picture courtesy : TheLouiseMonique)

Writer Neha Yeshvi for ArtsPositive