how I found my inner creative

How I Found My Inner Creative

“It was rain…it is a rainy afternoon, I always have these flash backs, it begins with the rain drop-wise, hitting the roofing sheet at varying speeds, then I listen in closely like its my stylus to wax till it slows down to a point of drowsiness then I loose myself into the void. What jolts me back everytime is the gunshots”

That was the inspiration behind my first poem, a war veteran who drove himself to the point of suicide cause he never let the past go. I was in 100 level studying industrial chemistry, my only getaway was my mind, which I had dulled to its dumbest minimum on getting admission. It was all about getting the good grades and forgetting creativity. My past years didn’t help my creativity, growing up in an environment like ours you get a lot of objections about being a creative dreamer. People get too scared to leave the herd and be a genius in their own quirky way, they get too scared of their genius and wonder why you welcome yours. Peer pressure made me put an end to my inner dancer and artist. But when I heard the rain, I saw a light shine on poetry, in its most grandiose state.
All through my 4 years in the University I wrote and drew haphazardly, too few and far between to make a difference. But at a particular year, I sat myself down and listened to the rain again, let go of all mindful distractions and became mindless, I just listened and I felt this clarity, at its utmost. From that day I started writing constantly, everyday, I must have written over 300 poems in 2 seperate books. At the end and flourish of my poetic self came the ardent interest in rap after being introduced to it and encouraged by a friend. I can say I found a passion in building words and through these years elapsed I have been priming that skill. Letting all my senses get fully exposed to all musical and lyrical stimuli, made it even easier owing to the flourish of the poet. 
The Big Bang in my traverse from poetry to rap began when I saw every beat, every idea, every melody as blocks and I was the architect, I could build a measly 4 bedroom bungalow or I could build a master piece. The power was in my hands to pick words and arrange, blend, rearrange and cement with an array of melodies howerever I wanted. 
Now I’m starting to pick up my drawing set, I don’t think the dancing is still possible due to my stiffness otherwise shyness at this stage but I’d definitely take a go at it too. I write my poetry every other day, as well as short stories and articles but my rap? It’s how I express myself and I do that everyday. 
I found rap to be the perfect solitude for my mind and my truth and I know nothing better than to create. 
I was born a creative, as we all, and we all loose a skill when we don’t practice. I lost mine but I’m finding them again and in the process finding new ones to exploit. 
Constant practice and discipline are my watch words. I practice everyday and I keep that discipline to practice everyday. We are a creation born out of adaptation, everything we know today including how we think of ourselves is a result of what we did and do everyday, we adapted into who we are. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t adapt into being something else or someone else.

It was the rain that began the uproar.

Yours Artsquarely,