how I found my inner creative

How I Found My Inner Creative.

It was 3 am and I’d had this chord progression playing in my head for weeks. It was like a mosquito that just wouldnt quit bugging me, except instead an annoying buzz that would make me want to tear my eyes out it was the perfect combination of Major and Minor seventh chords.

Oh well, there was nothing I could do about it now, I’d have to wait for GoldDrumMachine to come through in the morning with his soundcard (broke musician struggles lol). Fast-forward to 10 hours later, GDM (short for GoldDrumMachine) finally comes through with the soundcard (Hallelujah somebody). Thankfully there’s light too, so Iget cracking ASAP!!! Hello FL Studio, Hello Amplitube, lets make some magic.

Finally the chords came out, and as per usual you’re already thinking of one unneccesarily deep thing to write about, but somewhere along the lines I decided to reverse the guitar progression and slap a shit ton of reverb on it (Might as well make it insanely trippy right??) And then Toray comes through and he’s like “Yo! Let’s make a song where we’re both trying to get one girl’s attention, and I’m like “Eh sure why not?” Two hours and a bunch of hilarious takes later we had “ I’m The Man”.

Yours Artsquarely,