What pain am I willing to bear indefinitely?
This is the most important question of your life
Johnson Kee

So, so, so true! Thank you so much for this question, it really opened my eyes. I always thought about this, but never was able to phrase it in the right way!

And I am so glad that I am not the only one that thinks that anything can be achieved without pain!It is so true, and a lot of people try to avoid it, running away from it and hiding. Usually, they end up being comfortable and confirming to the norm, whereas the real growth happens when you put yourself in the position where every cell of your body is tense, is at its most extreme. This allows us See until which point we can go. You need to get out there, make yourself the most uncomfortable, like you’re saying, to be able to accept the pain of whatever you’re doing. And it is so freaking hard, but so necessary for real achievement.

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