Murky illustrations of a parallel world a substandard vision “as a source of constant self-amusement”

Mysterious characters of Ben Kehoe’s works are surprisingly true, despite of their otherworldly nature. There is something touching and seems like something unsaid in in the gloomy haze of melancholy that permeates every drawing. The…

Nuno Moreira, pays close attention to composition, lighting, perspective and the context of his shots.

Compared to colour photo, where catchy tints help the image to stand out, in B/W photography the ability to stand out depends only on its ability to communicate with the spectator, rather than on its…

Every one of us probably has at least one cherished teddy bear or another stuffed animal, which he carries along through his life.

Photographer Mark Nixon showcases what happens to them after their owners grow up and sadly, leave them behind, in his MuchLoved series.

Тattered, shabby and totally cuddled out, these plush animals tell us a story, some are tales of a teddybear being loved by a child, while others are practically epics, including some that have literally traveled around the world.

The toys reveal their battle scars of being the prized possessions of children, beloved companions, that have seen many a repair as different parts start wearing out. Holding all the secrets, these defenders of innocence will never judge their owners on whatever reason.

Robert McGinnis’s illustrations take you back to the 60′s Barbarella or iconic James Bond’s movies.

Fantastically curvy women, semi nude, laid back, seducing, and blasting you with huge lazer guns, McGinnis’ female characters are a mix of vastly popular to obscure, but always beautifully rendered and a pleasure to look…

Majestic spaces highlight the ghostliness of the past.

Urban decay photos usually fit into one of two categories: either they focus on specific details, such as peeling paint, or they focus on large spaces, made surreal by their emptiness.

Dresden based photographer Matthias Haker has an incredible series of pictures, that fall into both of the groups, with…

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