No matter their training or specialism, designers are united by a love of letters. Typography is often described as an art or treated as a means of expression, but at its most fundamental level, it’s a powerful tool. Whether the medium is print or digital, typography plays the most important role. It ensures a product is functional, creates hierarchy and determines legibility. Alongside all this, it makes an impact on an emotional level, conveying a sense of a brand’s character.

Type is beautiful — so far, so good… print and digital designers are all on the same page (as it…

I started this glossary to create clarity about terminology, especially in areas where the language used in UI and print differs. I hope the project is helpful for others and I plan to keep adding to it–so get in touch if there’s anything, in particular, you’d like me to drill into.

Lesson 1: A lesson in leading

‘line-height’ (UI) = ‘leading’ (print)

This defines the distance between the baselines of two lines of text. In the illustration below, the baseline is shown in red.

Murky illustrations of a parallel world a substandard vision “as a source of constant self-amusement”

Mysterious characters of Ben Kehoe’s works are surprisingly true, despite of their otherworldly nature. There is something touching and seems like something unsaid in in the gloomy haze of melancholy that permeates every drawing. The dusty palette of deep complex shades and the gently drawn contours of fairy figures are here to create the atmosphere of ghostly tale poised on the brink of dream and reality. …

Nuno Moreira, pays close attention to composition, lighting, perspective and the context of his shots.

Compared to colour photo, where catchy tints help the image to stand out, in B/W photography the ability to stand out depends only on its ability to communicate with the spectator, rather than on its appealing visual presentation.

Nuno Moreira, a talented young photographer from Portugal pays a rather close attention to composition, lighting, perspective and the context of his shots. …

Every one of us probably has at least one cherished teddy bear or another stuffed animal, which he carries along through his life.

Photographer Mark Nixon showcases what happens to them after their owners grow up and sadly, leave them behind, in his MuchLoved series.

Тattered, shabby and totally cuddled out, these plush animals tell us a story, some are tales of a teddybear being loved by a child, while others are practically epics, including some that have literally traveled around the world.

The toys reveal their battle scars of being the prized possessions of children, beloved companions, that have seen many a repair as different parts start wearing out. Holding all the secrets, these defenders of innocence will never judge their owners on whatever reason.

In the photos the photographer displays a man looking at his shadow and all that is left is a pair of sneakers and a shadow.

Shadow is our alter ego; we all played with it once as kids dragging it up to the darks bringing it again to lights. When someone wants to hide makes himself sure that only his shadow can barely be noticed as he is already completely up to heights or deeper underground. “I am not here” are the words we all want to cry into the faces of no matter beloveds or strangers when we do…

Robert McGinnis’s illustrations take you back to the 60′s Barbarella or iconic James Bond’s movies.

Fantastically curvy women, semi nude, laid back, seducing, and blasting you with huge lazer guns, McGinnis’ female characters are a mix of vastly popular to obscure, but always beautifully rendered and a pleasure to look at.

Hollywood never could get enough of his style, graced movie posters and paperback books, his pin ups were always catchy, taking you back to the 60′s Barbarella, or Bond offering you Martini, shaken not stirred.

It all started with the stunning illustration of stylish Audrey Hepburn grasping a cigarette…

The Italian artist Michele Del Campo’s works are amazingly hyper realistic.

All his art pieces bear a certain unique signature. The target of his art is the urban street life of young folks. Their everyday routine, street chats and all the fun find a super and lively transformation on oil-painted canvas. At first sight it may seem, that they are photo realistic, but it’s only due to the warmness of the rich palette and easy play of light and shadow.

His mastership is highly appreciated amongst the lovers of graphic arts. The viewers are shocked with the liveliness and the…

Erwin Olaf, a unique and amazing photographer from Netherlands, stands out for his aesthetically pleasing photos.

All the vulgar nudity turns into somehow subtle, far-more-none-vivid creative subject in front of his lens. His daring and provocative works convey vivacious puberty that visually and emotionally meddle with the scenes the photos are taken at.

In his photos gender, race, age, social group’s issues get mostly grotesque utterance with the presence of disclosed, obsessed and naughty male and female models. At some point humorous and clumsy characters seem to have some unspoken, tragic matters that apparently tease them from inside.The …

Majestic spaces highlight the ghostliness of the past.

Urban decay photos usually fit into one of two categories: either they focus on specific details, such as peeling paint, or they focus on large spaces, made surreal by their emptiness.

Dresden based photographer Matthias Haker has an incredible series of pictures, that fall into both of the groups, with their ghostliness and grandeur. The series explore the vast, majestic spaces of buildings, that make you wonder about the glory years of each building with a mixture of curiosity, wistfulness and awe at their beauty.

In his photos Haker highlights the disused, rotting wooden furniture, the floor and walls of…

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