Erwin Olaf’s Grotesque Photography

Erwin Olaf, a unique and amazing photographer from Netherlands, stands out for his aesthetically pleasing photos.

All the vulgar nudity turns into somehow subtle, far-more-none-vivid creative subject in front of his lens. His daring and provocative works convey vivacious puberty that visually and emotionally meddle with the scenes the photos are taken at.

In his photos gender, race, age, social group’s issues get mostly grotesque utterance with the presence of disclosed, obsessed and naughty male and female models. At some point humorous and clumsy characters seem to have some unspoken, tragic matters that apparently tease them from inside.The photos bearing a certain dramatic and shocking tone make you nothing but get stuck with astonishment and go into the thick of them.

Except of artistic photos Olaf also does advertizing campaigns for large and famous international companies such as Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, Diesel Jeans, Nokia, Heineken, Microsoft etc.

Besides photography filmmaking is another passion of his. His 2–30 minutes films were been screened at several museums and film festivals such as Cannes, Center Pompidou and he also had exhibitions in France, Spain, Russia, Holland, Turkey, Italy, USA etc.

To check out more of his works visit his website.

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