Introduction Into Pin Up

Robert McGinnis’s illustrations take you back to the 60′s Barbarella or iconic James Bond’s movies.

Fantastically curvy women, semi nude, laid back, seducing, and blasting you with huge lazer guns, McGinnis’ female characters are a mix of vastly popular to obscure, but always beautifully rendered and a pleasure to look at.

Hollywood never could get enough of his style, graced movie posters and paperback books, his pin ups were always catchy, taking you back to the 60′s Barbarella, or Bond offering you Martini, shaken not stirred.

It all started with the stunning illustration of stylish Audrey Hepburn grasping a cigarette holder, in her little black dress, looking at you from the poster of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In late 60’s Robert McGinnis‘ artwork has become synonymous with the heyday of Bond. With his minimalistic, charming, romantic scenes, sensual women, gadgets and action his illustrations became the epitome of cool and are now considered some of the most collectible posters art in film history.

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