Laurent Chehere’s Flying Houses

The artist takes architecture to a new level — literally.

French photographer Laurent Chéhère elevates architecture to a new level — literally with his mind-bending series of floating buildings, homes, tents and trailers removed from their backgrounds and suspended in the sky as if permanently suspended in mid-air.

Traveling almost the whole world, from South America to China, award-winning photographer used traditional photography and digital manipulation to create this personal series, drawing his inspiration from films like Miyazaki’s ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and Albert Lamorisse’s ‘The Red Balloon’ from 1956. Laurent reveals his poetic vision of weary houses, taking structures out of their neighbourhood backdrops to show their unique beauty.

The levitating buildings each represent a different lifestyle dreamily floating high above the surface. Covering the wide range of emotions, this dreamy and surreal series of photos emit a unique mood, with one image showing a fancy house with lovely flower boxes, while another depicts a burning house with an expansive plume of black smoke shooting up into the air.

Laurent Chéhère is a photographer based in Paris. More of his work is available on his website.