Matthias Haker: Abandoned Buildings

Majestic spaces highlight the ghostliness of the past.

Urban decay photos usually fit into one of two categories: either they focus on specific details, such as peeling paint, or they focus on large spaces, made surreal by their emptiness.

Dresden based photographer Matthias Haker has an incredible series of pictures, that fall into both of the groups, with their ghostliness and grandeur. The series explore the vast, majestic spaces of buildings, that make you wonder about the glory years of each building with a mixture of curiosity, wistfulness and awe at their beauty.

In his photos Haker highlights the disused, rotting wooden furniture, the floor and walls of the buildings covered with dust and green moss. Most of the photos are very grey and dark, but it is impossible to miss the windows or at least cracks on the roofs or walls through which the rays of sun are penetrating into the buildings and brightening them with light. The light of the sun helps to highlight the fleabag, rust, dust and also a hope of life in those old buildings.