Pablo Picasso’s forgotten light paintings

Revealed series of rare light drawings from 1949

Not every day we can observe a rare work of an incredibly prolific artist coming to light.

LIFE magazine has recently released an archived set of stunning light paintings of dimly-lit Picasso wrapped in neon squiggles, taken by Albanian photographer, lighting innovator Gjon Mili back in 1949.

Delivering his vision to nowadays technological avant garde, this modern master produced series of projected light drawings that show Picasso waving a strobe light to create various mythical figures including centaurs, bulls Greek profiles, and of course Picasso’s signature. Taking his photographs in a darkened room, Mili used two cameras, one for side view, another for front view and left shutters open, to catch the light streaks swirling through space.

The images are much of an importance, revealing the archetypal creative genius of the 20th century crafting, on the fly, amazing works of art. Many of the images were put on display in early 1950 at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.