Smoking Kids — Frieke Janssens

A photo series of smoking kids against kid’s smoking.

Kids all dressed up in vogue garments, all having smoking “stuff” and wearing grown-up, solid faces are the subject of the series ”Smoking Kids” of the Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens.

At first sight scandalous and controversial series is a sort of expression of the photographers amazment of the two-year-old Indonesian boy, who smoked 40 cigrettes a day. Frieke’s photoseries is an uprising protest againts kid’s smoking. With this shoot the photographer wanted to highlight the evil of smoking, particularly for kids.

The more than for-olds clothes and look are perhaps meant to sign that the kids who are allured by tabacoo want nothing but look like and fill like grown-ups. The photographer also wants to stress the beauty of this habit and its disastrous influence and addiction on kids as well as on adults.

You may think that while shooting the series Frieke Janssens made kids to smoke, but we must mention that the kids stood apart from tobacco. There were no real cigarettes on set. Instead, chalk and sticks of cheese were the prop stand ins, while candles and incense provided the wisps of smoke.