If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

When it’s proven that Drumpf has committed an impeachable offense — and if you understand his history at all, there can be no doubt that it will happen — the Drump supporter will need to understand that their immoral chosen one is NOT above the law. I agree that they won’t care since they voted for a guy who BRAGGED about sexual assault, has a history of cheating working class contractors and citizens out of millions, and makes “facts” up on an hourly basis to support his repulsive agenda. But it won’t matter. In order for it to happen, the offense will need to be so egregious for this republican congress to act, that his core group of followers — at most 15–20% — will be all that is left. Threatening that they will revolt by withholding taxes and services is a preposterous argument since the rural Drumpfian has no leverage against the government.

Cities provide significantly more tax revenue to both state and federal governments than these Drumpf strongholds. Rural areas in our country TAKE a disproportionate amount of federal tax dollars. If it wasn’t for federal subsidies, most farmers would be out of business. Poor working-class whites would struggle to feed their families without food stamps and governmental assistance — though, it is likely they will soon understand what losing those subsidies feels like thanks to the current congress and their beloved SCROTUS. The whole argument is laughable since it has no basis in reality. The focus needs to be on educating these uninformed Drumpf supporters, not coddling them because we are “afraid” of what they will do.

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