There are more elegant ways of producing distress than simple agricultural strikes.
Perry Campbell

You DO know that it was clearly shown that there was a direct correlation between lack of education and the likelihood of voting for Drumpf. Thanks for confirming that for the the whole of the internet to see.

The fact that your whole diatribe is a litany of how you are victimized by the “elites”, as well as a string of preposterous conspiracy theories, racial stereotypes and threats, reveals you as not only a lightweight but also as an example of everything wrong with this country and the Drumpfster in particular. Lightweights point fingers and throw toothless threats around as a way to overcompensate for their struggles and lack of relevance. Real Americans bring solutions to the table both personally and to the country as a whole. Rest assured, the decent people of this country will not be afraid to push for the removal of this admitted sexual predator, cheat, compulsive liar and conspiracy nut regardless of your threats to “revolt”.