Mieke Vandenbulcke’s Vibrant Works:

Exploring Perceptions Through Color

🎨Mieke Vandenbulcke is an artist whose captivating works explore our perceptions through the use of color, composition, and vibrant imagery. Her drawings and paintings are beautiful and masterfully created to draw the viewer in, showcasing her natural surroundings and creating mesmerizing works that invite us to explore our perceptions through her vivid interpretations.

“Josaphat” Acrylic on Canvas by Mieke Vandenbulcke.

🍃Mieke’s art is inspired by her natural surroundings and urban environment, with recurring themes of Africa, Brussels, and her local area in Schaerbeek. Her works showcase a masterful use of color and vibrant compositions that capture the viewer’s attention.

“Infinite Quest” Acrylic on Canvas by Mieke Vandenbulcke.

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