7 Best Blogging Courses of 2024 (Start a Successful Blog)

Artturi Jalli
14 min readDec 12, 2023


Do you want to become a successful blogger this year?

In this post, I show you the best blogging courses on the planet. There are both free and paid courses to choose from.

1. Free Blogging Masterclass by Artturi Jalli

If you’re looking for the absolute best course on blogging, you have to check Free Blogging Masterclass by Artturi Jalli.

Why This Course?

If you’re looking to get started as a blogger, the hardest part is learning what to focus on and what’s useless.

Thanks to the BS nature of the internet, most of the courses you find are taught with strategies that stopped working in 2022–2023 Google updates.

They will tell you to learn SEO, build links, write guest posts, and all that useless BS that won’t grow your blog. (They’re just selling that advice to be able to sell a pricey course.)

When I started blogging, I almost gave up because those courses taught me about SEO and all that technical jargon.

But then I realized this is all overpriced BS. Lo and behold, I need none of those “must-have” strategies.

All I really needed to do to get my first $5M visitors was to just blog. Nothing else.

Of course, you need to learn how to write truly useful content, how to stand out in the competition, and how to monetize your blog the right way.

This is why I put together this free masterclass. I wish I could send this back in time to myself who was completely lost with blogging. This is a free 30-minute training session to start a successful blog.


  • Free masterclass with a high-level overview of how blogging works
  • This masterclass is completely SEO-free. Not because it’s hard, but it’s 100% useless. You don’t need any SEO knowledge to start blogs.
  • This strategy is based on expertise. I’ve started my most recent blogs with this strategy in 2024 and those are growing nicely.
  • This free training session is an awesome introduction to the Blogging Launchpad course which is a must if you’re serious about blogging.


  • This course doesn’t show how to start a site from scratch. It’s just a strategy session.
  • It’s free training that belongs to a paid course.
  • You need to enter your email to sign up for the free course. No credit card is needed, though.


Free training!

2. Blogging Launchpad

Blogging Launchpad is one of those “must-do” courses before starting a blog.

After the 2022–2023 Google updates that rattled the blogging industry, not many have been able to start successful blogs anymore.

Everything related to SEO is useless, guest blogging is dead, and paying for expensive tools is redundant because free tools exist.

To avoid wasting thousands of dollars and hours every year, you must check this course.

Why This Course?

This course is the paid version of the free masterclass that I introduced in this list.

This course teaches you how to find a niche, how to write blog posts, how to monetize a blog, and so much more.

But this course doesn’t focus on strategies that haven’t worked for 5–10 years (unlike 99% of the courses on the internet.)

Instead, this course teaches you how to start a blog by blogging.

Sounds kind of obvious, but it’s not. Your average blogging course teaches you that 10% is blogging and 90% is networking, guest posting, link acquisition, and all that terrible BS.

But as I mentioned earlier, I’ve tried everything and those strategies simply don’t work anymore. Those worked in 2005–2010, but it’s 2024 already…

So let’s bin those old strategies and learn how to write good blog posts, make the internet a better place, and turn blogging into a serious career of yours!


  • A complete blogging strategy from start to finish.
  • You’ll learn how to start a WordPress blog from complete scratch.
  • Learn the secrets of blog monetization through ads and affiliate marketing.
  • Teaches why SEO is complete BS.
  • You’ll learn how to use AI in blogging (and what not to do with it).
  • Blog post templates to streamline writing.


  • It’s a bit short for its price. The course is merely 2.5 hours of content (although there are quizzes and written content too)
  • Pricey for beginners. It might be a bit heavy for your wallet if you’re not sure you want to become a blogger.


$297 (one-time fee)

3. Income School Project 24

IncomeSchool is one of my favorite YouTube channels of all time. They’re one of the only people in the business who teach blogging the right way.

Their strategy isn’t focused on SEO BS or other short-term growth hacks that might work. Instead, it’s all business. They’ve taken teaching blogging to a completely different level.

If you didn’t find the earlier courses insightful enough to join, Project 24 by Income School is something you have to check. They’re nailing it!

And this is not even a paid promotion. Those guys have no idea who I am and that I’m placing them this high on the list!

Why This Course?

Income School was one of the channels that inspired me to start my blog.

I never forget the day I was doing a long 3-hour drive and I wanted to find something worth listening to.

I had recently started blogging but was about to quit because it sounded so boring thanks to the SEO people.

But then I listened to a couple of episodes of Income School. They completely changed my mind and attitude towards blogging.

Instead of having to do all those silly SEO growth hacks and whatnot, I could actually find success without it. And it’s not only easier, but it also gives you the best long-term results.


  • Hundreds of free videos about how to start a blog
  • A lovely team of hard-working bloggers and content creators
  • A beginner-free and realistic blogging strategy. None of it is that overnight rich BS that you’ll find elsewhere.
  • Blog post templates, case studies, competitions, challenges, and so much more


  • Pricey. This course is the price option on the list.
  • Some of their strategies are still a bit “too SEO” to my liking. For example, I think featured snippet optimization and guest blogging aren’t necessary to find success.
  • Ricky failed his blogging challenge with his own strategy. Can’t blame him too much, though! He has hundreds of other projects going on at the same time.


  • First year: $499
  • After the first year: $299/year

4. Medium Growth Program (Free 5-Day Email Course)

Medium.com is the most popular blogging platform. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s like “YouTube for bloggers.”

It’s a great place to start blogging. It has a built-in audience that would be hard to build from the ground up as a beginner.

To get started on Medium, you can just go out there and start messing around. But I highly recommend checking the Free Email Course by Medium Growth Program. This is the program I would send back in time to myself when I was starting on Medium.

Why This Course?

I started blogging on Medium in 2020. I had no prior experience in blogging or content creation. Everything was new to me.

These days, I have 200k+ readers per month and 14k+ followers (even with an inconsistent schedule).

This is what I want you to accomplish as well.

In this free Medium email course, I will teach you exactly how to start a successful Medium blog from scratch. You don’t need any writing experience. Heck, you don’t even need to be a native speaker (I’m not.)

The part I love most about this course is what no other Medium course creator teaches: Search Engine Visibility. Most of my Medium views (and income) come from outside Medium.

So there are two ways to get noticed:

  1. Medium recommendation system
  2. Search engine traffic

And this course teaches you both.


  • Free course with a strategy that still works in 2024
  • Free templates and blog post topic research strategies
  • It’s a short course but covers all the basics to get started
  • This course introduces you to the Medium Growth Program video course, which is a complete course for Medium success.


  • The course is an email course so no video content
  • The advanced strategies introduced in this course belong to the paid Medium course



Sign Up Now

5. Medium Growth Program

Medium Growth Program is a must-have course for any serious bloggers who are interested in finding success on Medium.com

As I mentioned before, Medium is a reputable blogging platform with hundreds of millions of monthly reads. But starting there can be a hassle! With a course like Medium Growth Program, you’ll learn the secrets of an author with 14k+ followers and 200k+ monthly reads.

Why This Course?

I started my journey as a blogger on Medium.com. I still write there weekly (even though I have 5 other active blogs outside Medium.)

The Medium Growth Program is a course I wish I could send to myself when I first joined the platform.

This is because when I started, I had a lot of struggles as I didn’t know what to write and how.

There was simply not enough up-to-date information from serious Medium bloggers on strategies that would work.

  • Some talked about niches, others about publications.
  • Some talk about SEO and some mention AI in writing.
  • Some talked about comments and engagement.
  • Some begged for followers and likes.

But how can you tell what’s or what’s not useful as a complete beginner?

Yep, that’s really hard.

It took months for me to build my unique blogging strategy that now brings a ton of monthly reads and up to $5k/mo revenue.

This is exactly the strategy that the Medium Growth Program teaches.

It’s a 2–hour video course you can take at your own pace.

  • The course teaches you the Medium growth strategy. This refers to how to get followers, claps, comments, and most importantly revenue from the platform.
  • On top of this, the course teaches you how to make money with your Medium blog outside of Medium (with affiliate marketing and search engine traffic.)


  • Learn the strategy to get followers, claps, and comments for your stories.
  • Learn how to make money from Medium by having stories go viral.
  • This course shows you how to use Medium as a vehicle to drive affiliate sales by appearing high on Google search results.
  • Great blog post templates and topic research materials
  • This course comes with many video lectures showing how to grow on the platform.
  • Case studies of well-performing stories.


  • This is a paid course. Considering it’s free to start on Medium, paying for a course can be an obstacle for some.
  • There’s never a guarantee of any results. What has been working in the past might not work now or in the future.


$97 (one-time fee)

6. Blogging with AI

AI is coming. It’s everywhere. It has also made its way to blogging.

That’s why you should take a blogging course that teaches you the latest AI strategies to maximize growth.

Blogging with AI is a free YouTube AI course for blogging. You can watch it right here.

Why This Course?

AI is not a good blogger — but it can save you some time.

Unlike most courses teach, the reality is that you won’t be able to automate your blogging workflow with AI — no matter the strategy.

However, you can use AI to save time.

For example, I’ve estimated that AI saves me at least 1–3 hours per week (I work 45–60 hours.) That’s an epic time save. If I want to, I could take 1–2 weeks off every year thanks to AI.

Anyways, this free course shows you exactly how to use AI in blogging (and how not to.)

  • You’ll learn why AI automation doesn’t work in blogging
  • This course also teaches why you should avoid “AI SEO” gurus and not waste time and money on BS strategies that will never work…
  • On top of this, the course will teach you regular blogging strategies unrelated to AI. So it’s a complete course.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why those overly hyped AI SEO videos exist on YouTube, the reason is simple: The videos make the creators rich.

Those people are so greedy they’d never share strategies like that for free if they worked! A blogging video with 100k views can earn $10,000/$100,000 for the creator. Think about that!

If someone tells you to use AI to automate blogging, watch this course to understand why you shouldn’t.


  • A completely free course that lives on YouTube.
  • This course teaches not only how to use AI but also how to start a blog from scratch and how to grow it.
  • The course is beginner-friendly. It starts from choosing a niche to monetizing a blog with affiliate marketing.


  • You might be disappointed by how little AI can help.
  • This course wakes you up to how hard blogging is and how hard work it requires.


Free — it’s on YouTube

7. Tech Blogging 101

Tech Blogging 101 is a complete course on how to start a technology-oriented blog.

To write blog posts about software development, AI tools, or any other tech-related topic, make sure to bookmark this free course.

I think blogging in general is similar across different industries, but technology deserves its own chapter. This is why I put together this complete tech blogging course.

Why This Course?

My first WordPress blog was a tech blog where I wrote software reviews and coding tutorials. It has more than 5M views and has earned me well over $100,000.

But let’s face it. Blogging about tech is different than blogging about other topics.

The competition is fierce. But at the same time, the rewards can be great — as long as you know what you’re doing.

When I talk about tech blogs, I refer to informational tech-related blogs with content like:

  1. Coding tutorials
  2. Software reviews
  3. Tech news and trends
  4. How-to guides in tech

With coding tutorials, you can earn ad income and showcase your passion and expertise to seek a job. Also, you get to establish a name for yourself and build the reputation of the website (which helps it rank on Google.)

But coding tutorials aren’t good alone!

I’ve seen coding articles earn only $1-$10 per 1,000 visitors. That’s not a lot considering that most niches can make $10-$50 per 1,000 views.

That’s not a big issue, though.

If you want to earn from your tech/coding blog, you can start writing software reviews. Also, there’s all sorts of other articles you can write about tech on top of software reviews and coding tutorials.

In this course, I will show you how to do all of this!


  • Free course you can take at your own pace. Just start reading it here.
  • A lot of information starting from building a blog to monetizing it with ads and affiliate marketing.
  • The strategies are based on years of experience running a software development tech blog.
  • Lots of examples and case studies based on my experience as a tech blogger.


  • The course mostly focuses on coding tutorials but it’s still a great read for tech-related blogging and blogging in general.
  • The course is free so it’s not getting content updates because it’s a freebie.


Free — start here!

8. Free Blogging Course by Bloggersgoto.com

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and actionable blogging guide, make sure to check out the Free Blogging Course from Bloggersgoto.com.

The reason why it’s sitting lower on this list is because it’s a bit older than the other courses. Although it’s been written in 2022, so most of the stuff still applies, of course.

Also, because it’s a completely free course, it’s not getting frequent updates.

Why This Course?

This course teaches you how to start a blog from scratch.

The course starts by asking questions about why you should or shouldn’t start a blog.

Then it shows how to start a WordPress blog from scratch.

But because blogging is not just about launching a new site and waiting for the visitors to come, this course mostly focuses on the strategy that it takes to run a successful site.

So this course has got you covered with everything related to finding a niche, blog post topics, writing frequency, monetization, and so on.


  • Free course without sign-ups or credit card details.
  • A complete course from choosing a niche and starting a website to writing the content to monetizing it.
  • This course sets realistic expectations, unlike most online hype jobs that just try to sell expensive stuff. It requires a lot of hard work to start a blog and that’s what you have a right to know before investing time (or money.)


  • The course material is pretty new (published in 2022) but the content isn’t getting frequent updates because it’s a free course and newer versions exist.


Free — you can start here!

Courses to Avoid

Let’s be real: Most of the online courses are BS.

The reason is simple. They try to overflow you with silly strategies like SEO, building links, guest blogging, keyword placements, LSI keywords, and anything similar that will sound technical

Why? Because these people want to make you feel desperate to buy a super expensive course.

That’s what you want to avoid. But how?

Just avoid courses that teach about SEO. SEO is BS. You don’t need to worry about search engines one bit when you write blogs. Instead, you need to be a good and useful resource to your audience.

If a course creator talks about building links, placing keywords, or using keyword tools like Moz or Ahrefs, that’s a red flag. Avoid those courses at all costs. They’ve built those courses just to become rich, not to teach you how to become one.

You must focus on non-BS strategies that are geared towards helping people and not short-term growth. I mean it’s not a good idea to build a business on top of a rotten surface anyways, so why do that with blogging?

Be careful. 99% of the courses are dishonest and don’t teach you the latest strategies!

Wrap Up

A blogging course can be a great way to learn new skills, get expert guidance, and hold yourself accountable as you work towards your blogging goals.

It’s important to choose the right course that suits your needs, learning style, and budget.

The courses I’ve highlighted in this post offer a range of options to fit different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger looking to up your game, there’s something here for you.

Remember to work hard, though. There are no free lunches on the table. Taking a course and starting a website are the easy parts. The real work starts from there.

Thanks for reading. Happy blogging!



Artturi Jalli

Check @jalliartturi on YouTube to become a successful blogger. (For collabs, reach me out at: artturi@bloggersgoto.com)