An Ultimate Guide to Writing on Medium in 2022

Grab the keys for success on Medium

Artturi Jalli
29 min readJul 6, 2021


Medium 101
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Medium is a popular blogging platform. It attracts almost 200 million unique visits monthly.

It is a wonderful place to start your writing career. You have a huge audience and a great community on your side.

This piece shows you everything you need to know about writing I wish I could send this piece back in time for me when I was just getting started.

After reading this guide, you know how to:

  • Use Medium’s tools to make your stories stand out.
  • Use external tools to make your writing look professional.
  • Reach the different audiences of Medium.
  • Get more reads and improve as a writer
  • Optimize your stories for Google.

And much more.

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How to Write and Publish an Article

In Medium, an article is called a story.

To write a story, click on Write at the top right corner:

When you’ve completed writing, hit Publish.

It is this easy to get a story in. But there’s an ocean of important things in between the two clicks you need to understand.

How to Make Your Story Look Good

First, you are going to learn how to use Medium’s built-in features to make your stories look professional.

Titles and Subtitles

To begin a story, add the title to the first row of the story. Make sure it appears big by highlighting the title and clicking on the big T icon.

Then add your compelling subtitle after the title, highlight it, and click the small T letter to make it a valid subtitle:



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